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Key Points
  Our 4 hour  and Review 
 Scuba Tune-Up 
 Classes start Every Two Weeks throughout the year 
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Been A Dive Fish Out of Water? It's Time To Refresh
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Take the Master Scubadiver Challenge
Earn the Degree of Respect
You Deserve
A Few Magic Splashes of
Dive Training
Package Price:
 (Individually priced at 101.00)
  Age;  10 
  What will I need to start?  Open Water Diver or Equivalent 
  Note;  Log Book is required  

Splash 1 Let the Fun:
     Start Here and Now
 Splash 1 Only:   $10.00
  Registration: Come in and meet your instructor team and pick up your study material (book, video and misc. handouts)
We also take care of things like photo, insurance, class and pool reservation at that time.
As your time is very valuable, you can just give us a call or e-mail us and we will gladly send the study material to you.
  Material: Scuba Tune-Up Book, misc. handouts are all yours to keep.
PADI's video for this specialty and the student Record File we need back at the course orientation
Most of the theoretical learning comes from completing your study package in the comfort of your own home spending a few evenings gaining the necessary knowledge.
Hint: You will be more relaxed in the classroom if you have read the book and filled out all five knowledge reviews ahead of time!
  Classroom: Set aside 1½ hour on Tuesday evenings for our Specialty Courses. Time to talk about your personal equipment and let's assist you with what's missing.
During the evening we will have some fun while going throw the Knowledge Reviews that you have completed at home. Discuss some of the specific objectives that are assigned to our specialty. Perhaps we can find some interesting articles about this course.

Splash 2 Let's Dive The Pool
     The Excitement is Bubbling
 Splash 2 Only:   $0.00

Splash 3 The Grand Finale;
     The Islands Can Wait!
 Splash 3 Only:   $91.00
  Let's Party:

Notes Permits and Taxes;
     Based on location
 Blue Hole Week    $10.00
 Annual    $25.00
Current Typical Package Price (local fees and taxes included):

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