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Monday thru Friday 10 AM to 6:30 PM - Sat/Sun. Please call Ahead
  Phone:  (505)  AIR-TODAY  or  247-8632
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Bubble Maker Course
As a Bubble Maker
You can start at 8
Start at 8 years old
Discover Scuba Course

Discover Scuba is a Pool
experience program
Discover Scuba Diving Course
Discover Scuba Diving
In Pool and Open Water
Discover Local Diving in Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, NM
Discover Local Diving
Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM
is just one of many locations
Discover Scuba Programs

  • If you are like most new divers, you have said to yourself, "I'd like to try this first, to see if I like it"
    That is just what you can do. Come on down!

  • We offer several simple courses for the newcomer.
    It is just you, the safety of the swimming pool, a professional instructor and all the gear.

  • You will learn the basics in no time.
    First you will practice in the pool for awhile, and then, when breathing underwater becomes natural to you, we will go out for the real thing.

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