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Key Points
  Our 35 hour  Complete Certification 
 Open Water Diver Course 
 Classes start Every Two Weeks throughout the year 
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  Age;  10/15 
  What will I need to start?  Clear Medical Statement 
  Note;  Able to Float 10 min. and Swim 200 yds. 

Splash 1 Let the Fun:
     Start Here and Now
 Splash 1 Only:   $120.00
  Registration: Come in and meet your instructor team and pick up your study material (book, video and misc. handouts)
We also take care of things like photo, insurance, class and pool reservation at that time.
As your time is very valuable, you can just give us a call or e-mail us and we will gladly send the study material to you.
  Material: Book or CD-ROM, Recreational Dive Planner with it's own little manual and a logbook plus misc. handouts are all yours to keep.
PADI's video/DVD "Go Dive" and the student Record File we need back at the course orientation
Most of the theoretical learning comes from completing your study package in the comfort of your own home spending a few evenings gaining the necessary knowledge.
Hint: You will be more relaxed in the classroom if you have read the book and filled out all five knowledge reviews ahead of time!
  Classroom: Thursday evening at 6:00 PM we have a short introduction meeting, where we make sure that everybody is ready for the weekend. We cover the paperwork, equipment assembly and all the general questions regarding scuba diving.
Saturday at noon 3 hours. Now it's time to verify what you have learned at home with applications from actual diving examples and a fast moving Power Point presentation. We will cover chapters 1, 2, 3 while we emphasize all the safety aspects of Scuba diving
Sunday at noon 3 hours. We cover chapters 4 and 5 and a 50 question final exam.
You have to finish all knowledge reviews, quizzes and exam before we can let you continue on to the open water training dives
  Equipment: Now is the time to start thinking about your personal dive gear. What kind do you want, just look around. We have put together several packages for you to consider. The success and enjoyment of your diving are directly related to the comfortable fit of your own equipment. Mask & Snorkel, Fins & Booties are the basic snorkeling gear we recommend that, just like your bathing suit and beach towel, you own yourself

Splash 2 Let's Dive The Pool
     The Excitement is Bubbling
 Splash 2 Only:   $130.00
  Equipment: For the confined water - we always provide: 1/8" Wet Suit - Soft Weights - Air - Tank - Regulator and Buoyancy Compensator.
  Diving: You are responsible for packing your equipment and bringing it to and from the pool for each pool session.
Saturday early afternoon 4 hours  We meet in an 84° F. Pool, where you take your first exhilirating breaths underwater. At a relaxed pace - you learn and become familiar with all the equipment and skills necessary to become a good diver. We start in the shallow end and progress down to the deep end.
Sunday early afternoon 4 hours  We start with a demonstration that you can do a survival swim/float for 10 minutes and swim 200 yard, any style with no time limit. Then we get into the scuba gear and continue our dive skills and have more fun.

Splash 3 The Grand Finale;
     The Islands Can Wait!
 Splash 3 Only:   $155.00
  Packing: Thursday: Come by the store and pack the equipment. The success and enjoyment of your diving are directly related to the comfortable fit of your own equipment. If things don't fit - we have Friday to figure out a better fit.
For this course - we always provide Wet Suit (1/4") - Soft Weights - Air - Tank - Regulator - Buoyancy Compensator and a Light Hood
  Diving: Saturday we normally start at 10:00 AM. There are four required training dives - normally we do two on each day. In each of these dives you get a chance to apply the same skills you learned in the pool - but now in a real environment.
We also bring a grill for the "Weather Permitting" lunch "Tailgate Party" Make sure to bring some food and utensils for this.
On Sunday we start as early as the group desires
  Let's Party: You have demonstrated a mastery of the basic skills of scuba diving. An accomplishment worth celebrating with the rest of your fellow divers and the instructor team that made it all possible. The grill is going and it's time to fill in the final paperwork. Complete the log books and pack up. By now it's probably 2:00 PM and you are ready to head on home. Maybe you are ready for another fun dive.
  Certification: PADI Five Star Certification Card; Valid for a Lifetime of Fun - Around the world
After all course requirements have been met - we will issue your temporary certification and send in your paperwork to PADI. Two weeks later your permanent Certification Card comes back from PADI for you to pick up at the store. You have a lifetime of diving enjoyment ahead of you. If you are interested in College Credits for the course - there is some more paperwork for you.
Your Open Water Dive Weekend ended with a fun dive. Now is the time to sign up for the continuation of what we loosely called Scuba 101. The next step: The Adventures in Diving Program that leads to the Advanced Diver Certification.

Notes Permits and Taxes;
     Based on location
 Blue Hole Week    $10.00
 Annual    $25.00
Current Typical Package Price (local fees and taxes included):

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