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Sandia Snorkel and Scuba  
2430 Alamo Ave. SE - Suite 101, Albuquerque, NM    87106
Monday - Friday 10 AM to 6:30 PM & Sat/Sun. Please call Ahead
  Phone:  (505)  AIR-TODAY  or  247-8632
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Miscellaneous Add-Ons

Course Registration and Preparation:
$100.00 per person deposit is due when you receive the academic material and schedule your classroom meeting, pool session and O/W dives.
We welcome you as a PADI Diver in Training.
Final Payment is due at class start date.
You want a "S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d" course: ?
No Problem - IF You Let Us Know When Registering
Changes after Registration? Please See Re-Schedule Fees Below
Cancellation Fee:
There is no refund for "no shows", late arrivals, early departure, any un-used portions; classroom, pool, open water dives.
Cancel more than 3 days before classroom and Academic material is re-saleable ($22.50 Store Credit)
Cancel more than 3 days before classroom and Academic material is NOT re-saleable ($100.00 Store Credit)
Cancel before pool (full refund of O/W portion)
Cancel before O/W (we will issue a referral package)
Re-Schedule and Additional Schedule Fee
Within our standard course schedules (After registration)
More than 3 days prior to start of your class date
3 days or less prior to start of your class date, without medical excuse
Equipment for additional weekend in Santa Rosa

  $22.50 / person
  $45.00 / person
  $60.00 / person
Private Classroom Meet, Pool Session and Open Water Dives: 
(per person)
If you are unable to perform any part or skill, you may continue the adventure
in the classroom, pool or open water for experience, and make a break in your course.
Remember this is a performance based program,
so please schedule additional time if needed.
Due to additional time for our instructors,
there is a surcharge for each Class/Pool/Open Water session

Classroom  $22.50 / session
Pool            $45.00 / session
O/W          $67.50 / session
Gear Handling, Cleaning and Repair:
We bring your scuba gear to the pool or Santa Rosa.
We bring your gear back to the store after diving, rinse and hang it up.
Extra rinsing of soiled wetsuits and boots

  $10.00 / person
  $15.00 / person
   $10.00 / person

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