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We Strongly Belive in Own Your Own Equipment

Our philosophy regarding "Owning Your Own"

Snorkeling is simple, fun and to discover the underwater world in your own equipment is inexpensive. A great START-UP PACKAGE
Many snorkelers do their snorkeling with their family while on a tropical vacation
and before they set out, own a Snorkeling or Skin Diving Package
This to get a comfortable and personal fit and make the sport much more enjoyable Sometimes you can rent on location - other places you are better off owning your own

Beginner Open Water Divers
Learn the foundational underwater skills with your own BEGINNER PACKAGE, mask, snorkel, fins and booties.
Fins & Booties, Mask & Snorkel are the basic snorkeling, skin and scuba diving equipment that require a much more individual comfort fit than other scuba gear. You will appreciate these when you dive on your vacation. Want a mesh bag to store everything in? We have great colors or just plain black. Our beginner package has a variety of mask, snorkel, fins and boots to choose from. With a package deal we give 25% discount from retail. Give yourself a gift, be a DAN (Divers Alert Network) member.

Adventure Divers Discover and exploration is of special interest for our advanced divers that want to gain dive experience. It is time to customize your dive equipment with our GEAR PACKAGE! Regulator with Wisdom computer, BCD with Pro-Kit and regulator bag. Broaden your awareness of the underwater world in your own scuba gear. Remember, we have a super discounted package. A friendly reminder to sign up to be a Divers Alert Network (DAN) member.
The sport of Scuba diving becomes more enjoyable with your own personal equipment

Rescue Divers
Now is time to learn to look beyond yourself to consider the safety and well-being of other divers. Expand your basic scuba equipment with our Rescue Package SAFETY EQUIPMENT PACKAGE including super tube, light stick, whistle, mirror in a little mesh bag to bring with you on all your ocean dives. By now we strongly recommend you to be a DAN member. and do invest in a DAN First Aid Kit and a   DAN Rescue Oxygen Pack

Master Scuba Divers
own their personal Dry Suit, Lift Bags, Wreck Reel, Marker Line, etc.

have invested in Cylinders, Spare Regulator, Spare Mask, Spare Fins, Spare Gloves and such

Assistant Instructors
have their own spare regulators and instrument consoles

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