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Sandia Snorkel and Scuba  
2430 Alamo Ave. SE - Suite 101, Albuquerque, NM    87106
Monday - Friday 10 AM to 6:30 PM & Sat/Sun. Please call Ahead
  Phone:  (505)  AIR-TODAY  or  247-8632
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We Never Give Up Policy
We want you to know that we are genuinely concerned with your individual needs and interest regarding diving.

We set you up to succeed, one step at a time.
The "Standard Package Program" revolves around a two (2) back-to-back weekends schedule.
Although the pace and the format fits most of our customers, there may be some extra charges to reach your goal to become an Open Water Diver. This particularly, if additional classroom or pool time is called for.
Please see our Miscellaneous Charges Page.

If you complete all course work as assigned, arrive for class promptly as scheduled and otherwise follow directions for learning given by the instructors, Sandia Snorkel and Scuba, Inc. accepts responsibility for learning challenges.

Course objectives must be met before the Diver in Training is certified. Sandia Snorkel and Scuba, Inc. will schedule additional training session. In situations like this, there may be some minor charges for instructor time, equipment rental and pool fees until
    a) the Diver in Training masters the course objective or
    b) the Diver in Training voluntarily discontinues the course. In this case there is no refund of the course fee.

After a significant break, returning Divers in Training, or Divers in Training from other organizations may be asked to do a classroom and/or a pool review before continuing the Open Water Training Dives.

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