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Receive College Credit for PADI Diver-Training

The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends college credit for certain PADI scuba diver courses. ACE represents all colleges and universities before the U.S. federal government and as such is the unified voice of higher education. ACE evaluates educational courses according to established college-level criteria and recommends college credit for those that measure up to these standards.

The ACE credit recommendations for PADI courses may help you in receiving college credit at an American university or college -even if the courses aren't conducted on a university or college campus. Courses offered through PADI Dive centers, Resorts and other locations qualify.

Take a Course - Use the Credit
A university or college may use the ACE credit recommendations in a variety of ways. The institution may apply the credit to your major replacing a required course. They may also use the credit as a general elective to possibly waive a prerequisite course.

College Credit at No Extra Charge
Universities and colleges that accept ACE credit recommendations for PADI courses typically handle them like transfer credit. Transfer credit is often awarded without an additional fee. This may save you tuition fees while at the same time allowing you to possibly meet graduation requirements.

How Much College Credit Can I Earn?
ACE has set forth the following college credit recommendations for PADI Courses:

Course Hours Division* Instructional Area
Open Water Diver  
1 Lower Recreation/Physical Ed.
Night Diver  
1 Lower
Advanced Open Water
Advanced Plus  
1 Lower
Deep Diver  
1 Lower
Rescue Diver  
1 Lower
2 Lower
Instructor Development Course  
3 Upper Recreation/Physical Ed.
Course Director  

* Lower - Typically Freshman/Sophomomore Level
  Upper - Typically Junior/Senior Level

Ordering an Official PADI Transcript
To secure credit for a PADI course at a college or university you need an official transcript as proof of course completion. Colleges and universities will not accept certification cards or wall certificates as proof of course completion. PADI will send your transcript directly to you or the college or university you are currently attending or planning to attend. It is recommended that you also order a transcript for your own records. To order an official transcript, complete the application on the next page and enclose the indicated processing fee.

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